So, your wedding is approaching and you're struggling with the videoographer issue: should you hire someone? If you do decide to hire someone, how should you go about picking the right person for your needs?

Why Should You Hire a Videographer For Your Wedding?

There's not one reason to hire a videographer for your wedding: there are many reasons. Below are some of the most important reasons that you'll want to hire a videographer for your wedding:

  • You can't be in 15 places at once. There's only one of you and there's going to be a lot of guests. They'll be giving you well-wishes from the sidelines while you dance your first dance, feed your new spouse cake, fret over caterers, and go through wardrobe changes. Your videographer will capture the moments that you want to be a part of on your big day, but may not be able to see first-hand. 
  • Smart videographers don't just record videos, they tell detailed stories. Videographers specialize in providing video editing services that capture the essence and narrative of an event. Years down the road, you'll be able to watch your wedding video and remember the progression of the day, from beginning to end, and tiny details in between that made the day special.
  • A home video just isn't enough. You may be considering whether or not to ask a family member to record you wedding on a home video camera. Home videos have flaws that are acceptable for every day purposes, but for your wedding, you need more. Bad sound, bouncing picture, poor editing and unclear narrative can make your wedding video difficult to watch and enjoy, and that would make it kind of a waste.

How Can You Find the Best Videographer for Your Needs?

Ask the videographers about their editing process. In reviewing hours of footage, how do they choose the right moments to include in the video? Your videographer should be able to tell you what kind of editing software he or she uses and what the process entails. Some places not only provide the edited footage, but may provide you with raw footage and photos so that you can save money on photography costs.

You may also ask your videographer if he or she is familiar with your venue. If the videographer knows the venue already, then he or she will know the best spots to get good quality of light, the best angles, and the best sound quality. Talk with a place like Watrous Video Productions for more information on video editing services.