Life coaching is an invaluable service for all the people out there suffering from career, friend, and family troubles. While being a charismatic person is often enough to get people to purchase your services, there are plenty of subtle things you can do to improve a client's experience. For instance, if you primarily do life coaching via video streaming, these three tips for making a session feel more like a face-to-face meeting are invaluable.  

Primarily Decorate Your Office With Your Degrees And Certifications

Even if you use your home office for other purposes, make sure that it looks as professional as possible while you're giving a client a life coaching session. This partly involves taking down any overly flashy artwork or movie posters you have on the wall and replacing them with your degrees and certifications.

If you must have some art, choose something like an oil painting that's meant to be relaxing and doesn't draw too much attention to itself. The larger the room is and the farther away the webcam will be from the wall, the more leeway you'll have in choosing a wide variety of wall fixtures.

Put A Stocked Bookshelf In Sight Of Your Computer's Webcam

A bookshelf that can be viewed with your computer's webcam isn't just good for giving a client the impression that you're knowledgeable. If you stock it with plenty of psychology books that focus on specific aspects of life coaching, finding reference material will be as easy as spinning around in your computer chair.

A shoulder-high or breast-high bookshelf is a good compromise between no bookshelf at all and a full-sized bookshelf because it radiates an air of competence without being too intimidating.

Emphasize Natural Over Artificial Light In The Room

To mitigate the alienation and uneasiness that typically accompanies a conversation conducted entirely by video streaming, emphasize natural over artificial light in the room as much as possible. If this means enlarging the windows you already have or installing a sunroof, know that this will usually give you better results than focusing purely on things like paint color or furniture wood quality.

Life coaching sessions and casual conversations have one important thing in common: an impression or opinion of someone is influenced by the small things just as much as the large things. Just as you probably won't take an acquaintance's words about dental health very seriously when they come out of a mouth with yellow teeth, your client won't pay as much attention to your advice if the room you're in is cluttered or uninviting.