In the hustle of getting ready for a party or event, there are a few integral items that you don't want to forget. These items are widely found, but may be overlooked as you prepare for the arrival of your guests. Draft a list of each and every item that you will need to put together and pull off your big event, and then break the list down into segments that can be completed or bought in the weeks prior to your party date.

Be sure to add these items to your last-minute list prior to your special day:

CO2 tank or refill.

Even if you are not planning on setting up a bar, it is necessary to provide beverages to your guests. Consider investing in a CO2 tank to prepare sparkling water, or to add to other beverages to create signature drinks at your event. If you are planning to have a bar, a CO2 tank will save you a lot of money on mixer.

Extra chairs.

Where will your guests sit at your party? Instead of frantically trying to find plenty of chairs to seat everyone invited to your special event, rent an ample number of clean, uniform chairs delivered directly to your venue. Enlist a crew to set-up and take-down rented chairs before and after your party ahead of time to ensure you don't have to pay additional rental time on chairs, or other supplies. 

Trash bags.

It is very easy to forget to buy plenty of trash bags for your party, or rather, to clean up after your party. Furthermore, you can use these to slip over the back of chairs if an outside event experiences rain, for a quick cover until the weather clears. 


Ice is the most-often forgotten and underestimated item that you will need at your party. Invest in a couple of large plastic totes that will hold the bags of cubes conveniently, and that will prevent leaks and puddles when it thaws. Figure on approximately one pound of ice per guest, to ensure you have plenty on hand. 

Nobody wants to have to leave their party to run out and buy ice, or hurry around the neighborhood trying to find a place for Grandma to sit. The most efficient way to handle these often overlooked details is to compile a thorough list in the weeks before your party, and be sure to add these integral items to the list. 

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