Planning a wedding is supposed to be joyous for both you and your soon-to-be spouse. Unfortunately, many brides often find themselves turning into the next bridezilla thanks to the unnecessary stress they face. From planning to ensuring perfection, wedding planning is often a tiresome and expensive undertaking. In fact, 2014 national average wedding costs were $31,213 minus the honeymoon. Fortunately, one way to save money is to make your own centerpieces.

DIY Floating Centerpieces

The right centerpieces can go a long way in making your wedding reception venue look as though you hired a professional wedding planner. Of course, no one has to know that you are the one who put such gorgeous arrangements together.

One of the best centerpieces you can create is that of the floating centerpiece, which consist of glass vases, faux florals, mirrors, waterproof tape, and a floating candle, colorful gems. Once you have all of your materials in place, you can begin working on the beautiful centerpieces of your classy wedding.

If you were unable to purchase single floral pieces, you will need to separate floral bunches so that you will have individual flowers on their stems. Make sure the stem of each flower is no longer than 4-inches long. Using your waterproof tape, secure the stems of 2 to 3 flowers together to create a small bunch.

Fill the bottom of the vase about an inch with colorful gems of your choice. Place the small floral bunch you taped together into the vase. Make sure the flowers face upward and the stems poke down into the gems at the bottom just enough to hide the tape.

Fill the vase with water and place a floating candle on top. Place the vase on a mirror to create an ambient glow at each and every table. You can choose to use a larger mirror and three to four vases in alternating sizes at each table. However, it is easier on your wallet if you just use one vase at each table.

If you would like to add some additional bling to your floating centerpieces, just opt to follow this optional step. First, you will need to purchase some jeweled ribbon either online or from your local arts and crafts store.

Wrap part of the jeweled ribbon around the vase so you have an idea of its circumference. Cut the ribbon where it joins together on each end when wrapped around the vase. Using a hot glue gun, secure the ribbon into place.

Guests will love your unique and beautiful centerpieces. Even better is the fact that you can stress less regarding the look, feel, and expense of your upcoming day. Instead, you and soon-to-be spouse can divert your attention to more important things, such as the exchanging of your vows.