Hosting a political conference takes a great deal of planning and organization. One of the key components to hosting a successful political conference is finding the right venue. From the geographic location to the amenities a facility can provide, there are several things you should look for in a conference center for your political meeting. Here are a few things to consider as you search for the perfect venue.

Geographic Location

You want to host your conference in an area that is convenient for political leaders, pundits and lobbyists. With Washington DC serving as the political capital for the United States, it serves as an ideal location for a political conference. Meeting facilities in Washington DC provide easy access for political leaders to visit your conference without having to travel a great distance.

Press Accommodations

If you want your political conference to be covered by the national news media, be sure that your conference facility offers accommodations for the press. This includes rooms where reporters can set up interviews with political leaders, space for news van parking, and even separate rooms for news producers to edit and prepare video packages for the evening news. You should also make sure that your conference facility offers plenty of WiFi access and access to electrical outlets for journalists and camera crews so they can connect to their local news bureaus and file stories quickly.


Depending on the political leaders invited to your event, you may find that you need extra security for your event. Your conference facility should be able to provide separate entrances for high-profile speakers and attendees. You'll also want to have security at each entrance and a security team checking identification. Speak with the event coordinator at each conference facility you interview to see what kinds of security packages they can provide to ensure the safety of your guests.

Accommodations For Speakers And High-Profile Guests

When your panel speakers and high-profile attendees aren't in the main meeting areas, they should have comfortable accommodations. Look for a conference facility that can offer guest suites or business suites where snacks and beverages can be set up. These rooms should have plenty of space for staffers and aids to work, and the area should also have WiFi connectivity as well as a way to charge phones and laptops. If possible, choose a venue with multiple suites so each VIP at your event has custom accommodations.

Hosting a successful political conference in the Washington DC area is a bit easier when you find a venue with the right amenities and accommodations. Speak with the event planners at each facility to find out if they have experience with political conferences, and make sure to have a list of must-have items for your event. This will help you find the perfect location for your conference.

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