Planning to host your family reunion in a local park has many advantages, but having to rely on the weather to be agreeable is a very big disadvantage. To help mitigate your risk of a reunion ruined by rains or heat, you should plan on renting a tent for the party.

Renting the right tent for your event requires the answers to many questions, including

  • the date, time, and location of your reunion

  • the size of your family reunion

  • the seating arrangement for your reunion

  • the grade of the land to install the tent on

In addition, when you rent a tent for your family reunion, you need to choose the right style of tent to accommodate all of your guests in an appropriate manner. You can choose to rent a tent in three different styles:

  1. pole-style

  2. frame-style

  3. canopy-style

Here is some information on each type of tent to help you decide which tent style will work best for your family reunion held in a local park:

Pole-Style Event Tents

Pole-style event tents are the most common tents used for family reunions that are held on lawns. This style of tent has central poles that are driven into the grass to hold up the middle of the structure with additional poles along the outside walls for support.

Pole-style tents are commonly used because they are very easy to install and do not require any specialized equipment or preparation of the land before they are put into place. Their one disadvantage is that pole tents have poles in their interior space. This can be a problem for events where there will be speakers or a clear space is necessary for some reason.

Frame-Style Event Tents

To combat the problem of the central poles in pole-style tents, frame-style tents were created. This type of tent has a strong outer frame system that holds the tent in place without any interior poles. The major disadvantage of frame-style tents is that their exterior poles need to be anchored in place and the tents need to be installed on level ground. However, this type of tent works very well for events such as family reunions and weddings where a lot of people will be dancing and enjoying themselves.

Canopy-Style Event Tents

If your family reunion will be held during the heat of the summer, then a canopy-style tent may be the solution. This type of tent will create artificial shade while allowing air flow through all of its sides. Canopy tents should not be used when it is cold outside or if rain is possible because winds can blow the moisture under the sides of the tent and onto your guests.

For Additional Assistance

Now that you have the basic information necessary to relay to your event rental company about your tenting needs, you should contact their rental agents to reserve your preferred type of tent on your family's special day. To ensure availability of your chosen tent style, you should always reserve your tent as soon as you know what day your event will be held on. If you need further advice, speak with an even planner from a service like Destination Musick City.