If you are planning a corporate function or event, pay attention to success tips that can help increase attendance, improve participation, and leave a lasting impression on your team.

The seven steps to a successful corporate event are:

  1. Delegate a team. Get your team in on the plans for your upcoming corporate function. This will also help foster solidarity among your staff, and validate everyone's input and assistance. Ask for volunteers to form your party committee or event staff, and assign specific tasks to each member.
  2. Pay attention to timing. Try to plan the function in conjunction with the office schedule; don't let work prohibit anyone from attending your event. Keep this in mind, too, when trying to find hours that facilitate your team's participation, as many may have home or family responsibilities that could impede attendance.
  3. Keep things local. Don't make your team travel far to attend the event. Make sure there are transportation options available to help with those that carpool or that may not have their own vehicles, such as near a subway station or in an area with cabs and taxis.
  4. Hire some entertainment. Keep things upbeat and lively with some entertainment; be sure to contact reputable talent agencies to find speakers, bands, and comedians that will fit in with the theme and purpose of your function. Make sure that you hire talent that will appeal to your entire staff.
  5. Ask about dietary restrictions. Circulate a survey or questionnaire to inquire about your staff's dietary restrictions or preferences prior to your event. This ensures that everyone will find something to eat when attending the function. Put some time and resources into the menu, or hire a caterer that will work with you to find dishes that appeal to your whole team.
  6. Reward those that attend. Give your attendees something for coming to your event, like a swag-bag or an entry into a raffle or drawing. This will encourage staff members to attend and could generate a bit of excitement about the event.
  7. Hire a corporate planner. If you want to host a successful event without worrying about all the details, hire a corporate planner for the function. They will take care of all the details and décor, so you won't have to.

Use these steps to pull-off a successful corporate event with the help of your team. Make things a bit easier on yourself with a planner like Andy Mirkovich Productions, Inc., who will pay attention to the details so you won't have to!