If you are getting married in the near future, and you decided to use a casino theme for your wedding reception, you are likely to be on the hunt for ideas to pull off this task. There are several enhancements you can make inside of your wedding venue to bring the feeling of excitement of the luck of the draw into the establishment. Here are some ideas you can use to wow your guests with your wedding reception theme choice.

Give Guests Chips & Tokens Upon Arrival

When guests arrive at your wedding reception venue, have someone ready to hand them a small container full of chips or tokens to use on games of chance you have set up inside. This will instantly pique their interest in the theme you have chosen and will give them a burst of excitement in trying their luck at winning prizes when they get inside of the establishment. Use you and your spouse-to-be's names on the pieces as they can also be brought home as mementos of your special occasion if desired.

Set Up an Area for Game Play

Provide guests with a spot where they can sit down, relax, and enjoy playing poker, blackjack, roulette, and other casino games. Hire people to dress to impress and assist those with the game rules. Card dealers and dice throwers will help in giving those present the feeling they have actually traveled to a casino destination. Make sure to have a jackpot available so someone can win a large prize at the end of the wedding reception. This can be a basket full of games and snacks or a lavish centerpiece you have displayed to win on one of your tables.

Use Lights, Music & Decor to Complete the Feeling

Use cards or dice as decoration items on the tables of your wedding reception or as favors to give to guests when they leave your event. Green felt tablecloths will give your event a festive touch. Strings of lighting should be placed around the casino game play area to give it the feeling of a city attraction that never sleeps.

A few neon lights can also be displayed in this area. Ask your disc jockey to play festive music throughout the night to aid in keeping guests at the game play tables. Songs about luck or Las Vegas will inspire those present to check out this attraction. 

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