Escape rooms have become more and more popular over the last few years. With a usual capacity of two to eight players, escape rooms put players in a scenario where they must figure out clues and puzzles in order to solve the room. Often with intricate plots and heavily themed rooms, these are great interactive experiences.

Date Night

Smaller escape rooms are great locations for a special date night. Solving puzzles and piecing together clues is a great shared experience for a couple and is something you'll both be talking about for years to come. Also, a successful solution in a short timeframe is great bragging rights for you and your date.

Team Building

There are a lot of options for team building exercises, but they often require going outdoors or strenuous activity.  Escape rooms provide an opportunity for a more intellectual and wits-based team building exercise. Solving problems together while having fun is a great way to get a team to be more energized, friendlier and just generally happier at work. Escape rooms reinforce communication skills, collaboration, creative solutions, and critical thinking, which are all important in the workplace.

Family Bonding

Family-rated escape rooms can offer a great time for kids and adults alike, something that can't always be said of other family activities. Properly designed rooms can challenge adults and provide puzzles that keep kids interested and helping. This can be a great experience when hosting out-of-town family and a nice way to learn more about more distant relations. There is a sense of accomplishment and pride that goes along with a successful escape room run. Even a failed attempt is a fun learning experience that kids and adults will remember and talk about. 

Birthday Parties

Whether for adults or kids, a birthday party held in an escape room is sure to be a big hit.  Many escape room businesses have a party room available and are happy to offer catering or cake as part of a birthday party package. Even those that don't will pair great with a local restaurant if you want to split the food and activity. Often, escape room businesses will require an adult in each group, but otherwise, restrictions are generally rare and not oppressive. For shy kids, this can be a great opportunity to spend time with friends without having to be the center of attention. For kids who are less interested in running and jumping around, this is a good alternative for a quieter event.