If you are more of a down-to-earth couple, getting married in a down-to-earth place makes sense. If you also like to really hang out and have fun with your friends, you need a space that is going to be large enough for you to enjoy your time with your friends as well. The perfect down-to-earth large venue is a barn. A barn wedding will allow you to connect with nature and will give you all the room you need to party in at the same time. Make sure that you keep your barn wedding rustic and chic by incorporating the following ideas into your barn wedding set-up.

Take Advantage of the Height of the Barn

One of the great things about a barn is that not only do you get a lot of square footage to work with, but you also get a lot of vertical height to play with as well. Make use of that vertical height. Wrap green garland around the rafters, or cover the rafters with flowers. That will highlight the shape of the rafters and the area where you choose to get married. You can also wrap lights around the rafters if you are getting married in the evening and want to create a romantic ambiance.

For an even more romantic ambiance, you can hang chandeliers from the rafters. You can put battery-powered lights in the chandeliers in the rafters for more light and romance.

Soften Up the Space

If you want the space to feel a little more intimate, you can make your rustic barn wedding feel more intimate with the use of fabric. Take some fabric and hang it from the ceiling. You can hang lightweight fabric from the rafters, draping it downwards, and connecting it to the rafters at the edge of the space. This will give your space a more intimate feeling without feeling closed in or too small. Fabric can be a beautiful way to soften up a large space.

Use Lots of Color

The great thing about having your wedding in a barn is that you don't have to worry about your decorations clashing with the carpet or with the style of the reception hall. When you get married in a barn, you have a neutral wood backdrop, so you can use pretty much any colors you want. If you love big, bold colors, this is your chance to go crazy and really take advantage of the neutral elements of getting married in a barn.

If you are getting married in a barn, use the rafters and the vertical space. Hang up chandeliers, add twinkling lights, and decorate with lots of color. Just because you want a down-to-earth wedding doesn't mean you can't have some fun with decorating!

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