Many businesses require audiovisual equipment at one point or another. This equipment is quite useful whether it's for a small in-house meeting or a large company event. Audiovisual equipment, however, isn't cheap, and this creates the question of whether a business should buy the equipment or simply rent it when they need it.

Any business owner or manager will want the solution that will prove less costly in the long run. Although buying the equipment seems to be a good long-term investment, this isn't always the case.

Do You Need AV Equipment Often?

Unless you're going to get the right amount of use out of your equipment, it makes no sense to buy AV equipment. If presentations are fairly common in your business e.g. if it's how you pitch products and services to clients, having your own equipment can definitely be a major boost. You'll have the equipment whenever you need it and you can pre-set the equipment to your requirements.

However, if you're not going to use the equipment that often, it won't make much sense.

Can the Business Afford to Buy?

Sometimes, this simple question should be the only one you need to ask. A new business might have a tight cash flow. Therefore, it should only focus on buying items that are absolutely vital to its operations. AV equipment may be useful, however, if the equipment isn't vital to the operations, spending a lot of money buying the equipment will not be a good idea.

Do you Know the Equipment You Need?

There are many different types of AV equipment. These different types of equipment are optimized for different uses. Some equipment will work well in a conference room while others are designed for large meeting halls. Which of these equipment best suits the needs of your company in the present? Will the same equipment be useful to the company one year later? Unless you have definite answers to these questions, you could be investing in equipment you'll need to replace in a short while.

Can You Maintain the Equipment?

AV equipment needs to be properly stored and maintained to ensure they're in good working condition. Some of the equipment is quite sensitive and can be easily damaged. Unless you know how you're going to take care of the equipment, you are better off renting from an event production services company. This can spare you a lot of damaged expensive equipment.  

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