Do you work at your local library? Perhaps you are a volunteer, putting in hours simply because you love books and you love to be with people who love books. Whether you are a paid worker or a volunteer at your library, if you have been put in charge of the annual book fair, you might be feeling somewhat overwhelmed. From arranging for the rental of frame tents to setting up attractive book displays, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a great event that will raise money for your library.

​Rent Frame Tents First - Of course, you might be totally blessed and have perfect weather on the day of your library book fair. However, are you willing to bet on that? Perhaps you'll have rain, or maybe it will be a very hot day, since summer is still here. Wouldn't it be super smart to rent frame tents for the book fair day? Consider renting more than one frame tent so that people will have more space and so that your displays will appear more attractive. Renting frame tents is probably more affordable than you think it will be. The rental service will probably deliver the tents, set them up for you, and then take them down when the event is over. However, if you will be having the book fair year after year, consider actually buying the frame tents. 

Set Up Attractive Displays - Once you have decided how many frame tents you need, consider how you will display the books you will be selling. Even though summer is still here, people are thinking of fall, especially since school is beginning. Consider buying table cloths that have things like autumn leaves on them. Think of having round tables, square tables and rectangular tables, just to add interest to the display. If you have quite a few children's books, it might be very nice to even have lower children's tables that will make it easy for kids to pick out the books they want to buy. In fact, consider having adult books under one of the frame tents and having juvenile books and teen books under another frame tent. A third frame tent would be ideal to set up the payment area. 

Don't forget, too, that you might want to rent some port-a-potties. A first aid station and a station for drinking water would be great, too.