If you will be hosting an event in your yard, then you are going to need to make sure you have the must-have things and everything else can be extras. However, the must-haves are things that will actually ruin the event if you don't have them. Here are some of the must-have things you need to have at your event to make it successful.


If your event is mostly going to be held outside and during the daytime, then you need to be sure your guests are going to have access to some shade. Your guests aren't going to be happy at all if they wake up the next day looking like a lobster and in pain with sunburns. If you have enough trees in your yard, then this is good. However, if you don't have many trees, then you want to rent a large canopy that offers shade.


You are going to want to offer your guests some kind of entertainment. The entertainment can come in the form of music or it can be something else like public speakers if the event is being held for something where speakers are the main focus of the event. For example, if the event is for charity, then the entertainment can be the speakers educating guests on the charity. If the event is something like a birthday or another celebration like this, then music will do. If you have music, then you may want to have a place for people to dance. If you have a concrete patio area that's fairly large, this can work. If not, you can rent some panels to put on your lawn that will make a dancing area for your guests.

Tables and chairs

Your event is not going to be comfortable at all for your guests if you leave them standing the whole time. It is crucial that you get chair and event table rentals for your event. They will be able to eat their food at the table and have a place to set their drink, instead of walking around eating like they are at the fair. You can even decorate the tables so you add to the look of the event and make it more inviting for those that come. You can put nice centerpieces on them, you can put tablecloths on them, and you can even set the tables with some nice table settings.