It doesn't matter if you have decided to have an outside wedding or an indoor wedding, your hopes for your wedding will be the same. You want to have a beautiful wedding where all your guests will be comfortable. You can learn more about specific things to look for in a wedding venue by reading some of the ideas to keep in mind below.

Make sure there is plenty of space

Not only do you want to make sure there is enough space for your guests, but there should also be enough space for any surprise guests. There should also be room for the aisle to be as wide as you want it, the decorations, the bride and groom, the wedding party, the officiant, and anything else you want at your wedding. If any area of the venue looks cramped, then it can have a negative affect on the look and feel of the entire event.

Make sure there are great views

It's important for both indoor and outside weddings to have fantastic views around the venue. Even when the wedding takes place inside, there will be pictures taken outside, and you are going to want there to be a nice background for those pictures. Plus, the whole area of the venue will help to set the stage for the feel of the wedding. If the inside of the venue is pretty, but the outside depicts graffiti across the street and broken-down cars in the parking lot, then this isn't going to help you have the amazing wedding you have been planning and hoping for.

Make sure you have a reception spot that is close by

If you want everyone from the wedding to be able to also enjoy the reception, then you want to make it easy on them and hold the reception somewhere nearby. Otherwise, if you hold the reception at a faraway location, then the chances are good that some of your guests won't end up traveling to the reception location.

Be realistic about destination wedding venues

If you love the idea of having your wedding at a faraway destination, then you will want to realize that a lot of people you may really want to be at your wedding may not realistically be able to show up. One compromise may be to have a destination wedding with few in attendance, then have another wedding where everyone will be able to come.