If you like independent films and want to discover works from directors who aren't currently well established, attending a film festival is a great idea. These festivals provide so much content, and to make the most of your first one, consider the following tips: 

Stay Mindful of the Clock

Film festivals are great because they jam a lot of movies into a narrow window, generally over a couple of days. It is thus to your benefit to stay mindful of the clock. This way, you can keep better track of the film's festivities.

For instance, if you're in a movie and it's not up to your standards, you can monitor your watch to make sure you catch a film with greater potential. Make sure you wear a watch, as you don't want the screen light from your phone to distract others who may be enjoying the film you're currently viewing. 

Be In the Moment

It's rather easy to make a lot of extensive plans heading into a film festival. After all, you probably want to see and do as many things as you can so that you get your money's worth. However, the best thing you can do is be in the moment. 

Don't try to plan everything out, as this will hinder your experiences. Instead, try opening yourself up to a variety of films -- even ones you may not have originally thought you would like. Staying present and just going with the flow will help you enjoy your time more. 

Pace Yourself

Since there are so many movies shown at film festivals, it's quite easy to exhaust yourself mentally and physically. Knowing this, try pacing yourself throughout the event. After watching a film, take breaks with your group or even just solo. This will help you process what you've just watched, but more importantly it will help to cleanse your emotional pallet. 

After an extended break, you can go into the next film with a fresh pair of eyes. Don't worry about seeing every film -- just try your best at pacing the event correctly, so that you have the best experience possible. 

Film festivals like Sactown film fest are incredible events to attend, especially if you're a fan of movies. Just make sure that if you're attending one of these events for the first time, you take the right precautions. Only then will you have the best time and want to visit more film festivals in the future.