Having a wedding at home, whether it's yours, your family's or your friend's provides a relaxing, casual environment. It's also a great way to save money on your wedding since you won't have to pay venue fees—which can often be quite steep.

However, the major problem with having a wedding at home is that you'll need someone to coordinate it. You don't have a venue coordinator to assist you on the day of the wedding. Trying to coordinate vendors and guests while sticking to the timetable of your wedding day can quickly become stressful.

Thankfully, you can solve this problem by hiring a wedding event coordinator for your at-home wedding. Here's three reasons why it's a great idea.

1. Allows Your Friends and Family to Relax and Enjoy the Wedding

With no coordinator, you'll need to do everything on your own. It's likely that you will have to offload this task onto your friends or family, since you'll obviously be quite busy yourself on your wedding day and won't have time to attend to the finer details.

However, the problem with having friends and family coordinate your wedding is that it can affect their enjoyment. A wedding should be a fun celebration between two people. When your friends and family have to tend to coordination tasks instead of relaxing, it can feel more like work. Additionally, it turns into a very stressful experience if anything begins to go wrong during the wedding. Hiring a wedding event coordinator for your at-home wedding lets you, your friends and your family relax and enjoy the celebration.

2. Manages Vendors and Keeps the Wedding on Schedule

Besides the stress, another problem with coordinating your wedding yourself is that it might not turn out as well as you hoped. Wedding event coordinators do this for a living, and they've seen several weddings and worked with numerous vendors.

Wedding event coordinators know how to speak to wedding vendors along with how much time certain events usually take, such as setting up tables, preparing food and taking wedding photographs. They'll come up with a realistic time-table for your at-home wedding and keep everyone moving along accordingly. They ensure that make-up, photography, and catering all start on time so that your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible.

3. Checks Everyone That Shows Up Against the Guest List

At-home weddings are more susceptible to wedding crashers than weddings held at a venue—people often feel more comfortable showing up at someone's home compared to a venue. In some cases, they may be friends or family that you don't want at your wedding, which can easily create an awkward situation if anyone tells them they can't attend.

Wedding event coordinators help you avoid this situation because they check people who show up at your wedding against the guest list. Additionally, they provide a neutral third-party that can tell unwanted friends or family that they can't attend, which avoids you potentially entering a tricky social situation.

Overall, wedding event coordinators help your at-home wedding go off without any problems. They ensure that your wedding runs according to schedule and that all of the vendors are set up and ready, and they also deal with any problems that arise during the wedding. If you want to let your friends and family relax and enjoy your wedding instead of stressing out about the details of your wedding day, hire a wedding event coordinator to manage it.