For anyone who needs to rent chairs for an event that they're planning, it can be fun to consult with a local event seating rental service to determine what seating options are available. There's a good chance that several types of seating will catch your eye. Options such as bistro chairs, benches, and other types can be attractive options for many different events. It's important that you don't overlook standard folding chairs, however. Even if you're initially drawn to other designs, folding chairs offer several advantages that can make them a good fit for your upcoming event. Here are some reasons that you shouldn't overlook folding chairs.

They Take Up Minimal Space

Depending on the type of event that you're organizing, there's a chance that you'll be moving the chairs out of the way at a certain point. For example, if you'll be opening up the floor for dancing after the meal, it's common to slide tables and chairs out of the way. A major advantage of folding chairs is that they take up minimal space once you fold them. Whereas non-folding chairs can occupy a lot of space on the floor, you'll be able to fold up the chairs and stack them or lean them against the wall with ease.

They Can Be More Comfortable Than Expected

Don't make the mistake of dismissing folding chairs as being uncomfortable. Even if you've sat on an uncomfortable folding chair at an event in the past, it's important to realize that many of these chairs can provide comfort, even during long periods of sitting. When you speak to an event seating rental service, ask to see a few styles of folding chairs that are on the comfortable side. Typically, these chairs will have padded seats and may also have paddled backs. This style is considerably more comfortable than those with wood or metal seats and backs, making it a surprisingly good option for your event.

They're Affordable

When you assess the prices for various types of chairs at your event seating rental service, you'll often find that folding chairs are one of the most affordable options. Provided that you can choose one or more styles of this chair that provide the look that you favor, you'll be able to save more money than if you were renting another type of chair. Many events have tight budgets, so being able to reduce your rental expense can often be favorable.