Office parties are an excellent opportunity for employees to learn more about each other and for you to provide them with fun while at the office. Certain holidays are the perfect time for a party, such as Christmas, which coincides with end-of-year business celebrations. 

When you are getting ready to plan a Christmas office party, you can get strategic by using a few tips that will help you maximize employee satisfaction.

Food Preferences

An important detail to consider is what your employees like. For instance, their food preferences may only come out when they have lunch at work and in their personal life. This can make it tricky to determine what everyone prefers regarding catering and eating.

Luckily, you can gather this information in multiple ways. For a small to medium-sized office, you may want to go up and ask each employee about their favorite holiday foods. Another option is to send an email to everyone with a survey asking about employee food preferences.

Dietary Needs

One of the most important parts of catering is meeting everyone's dietary needs. While many people will eat anything they like, you will also have some people with particular needs. These can include gluten-free, keto, vegan, and vegetarian diets. While it's polite to take into account dietary preferences and lifestyle choices, it may be even more important to know about food allergies, as these can be dangerous.


Some companies may get catering in the morning, and then employees can come and grab food any time throughout the day. Another option is to have a party at a specific time when the caterers prepare the space and serve the food. This option is preferable when you want to ensure the food served is hot or warm and the drinks are ice-cold or at least refreshing.

Setup and Cleanup

When you start making plans for Christmas catering, you might get some employees who commit to helping with setup and cleanup. An excellent solution is to give them an opportunity to decorate for the party, which is often the most enjoyable part of setting up a party. Then you can give the actual setup and cleanup responsibilities for the party to the catering company. While this means the caterers will need to stay throughout the party's duration, you can ensure your employees get to eat food and go home without extra work.

Maximize employee satisfaction with these catering strategies for a Christmas party. For more information, contact a local catering company such as DR Catering.