A cigar bar offers a hospitable setting for cigar aficionados to smoke their favorite blends. The following information will prepare you for your first visit to this type of bar. 

The Rules

A cigar bar may implement house rules that clients must follow. A patron may be required to make a minimum purchase during the time that is spent within a cigar bar. The rules may necessitate that a patron buys some of the cigars, alcohol, or food that is featured on-site.

Most cigar bars allow clients to bring their own cigars with them. If a client would like to enjoy smoking their own cigars in a cigar bar, they should be prepared to make a beverage or food purchase during their visit. A cigar bar will only allow those of legal smoking and drinking age to spend time within the bar. People who do not smoke can accompany a cigar smoker. They should, however, be prepared to purchase a beverage or food item during their visit.

The Stock

A cigar bar will feature stock cigars. The cigars that are sold on-site may include domestic or imported tobacco products. A cigar bar may feature well-known cigar products and/or unique blends.

A humidor is used to store cigars at a bar. A humidor is a specialized storage compartment that maintains the humidity level that cigars are exposed to. Due to the expansion and contraction properties of tobacco leaves, quality cigar products must be placed within a setting that is well-regulated. The humidor that is used to store cigars is usually kept behind the bar where customers place their orders. 

The Event That Is Featured

A cigar bar has servers on-site who ensure that each guest enjoys their time spent at the bar. Servers include bartenders, cigar attendants, waiters, and waitresses. Most cigar bars do not impose a dress code. Customers are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing.

Some cigar bars feature special events. A special event may involve the airing of a live sports competition. A bar that schedules activities like these may have several flat-screen monitors on the premises that customers will have access to. If you would like to enjoy smoking cigars, plus have the opportunity to view a sports competition or another event that will be aired during your visit, research various cigar bars and review the schedule of events that each establishment has posted on their business' webpage.

Contact a local cigar bar to learn more.