While it's a lot of fun to rent conventional party rentals for your upcoming event, it can be even more exciting to look for a company that has some unique options that will wow your guests. Offering an activity that most of your guests won't have experienced in the past can surprise them and have them talking about your event weeks after it ends. One option to consider is setting up your venue to feature a roller rink. Some party rental companies have all of the equipment that you'll need to offer this unique recreational activity for your guests. Here are some things that you can rent.

Portable Rink Surface

When most people think of using a roller rink, they think about visiting an entertainment center that has a large surface on which to roller skate. If you want to add this to your event, you'll want to start by contacting a party rental company that carries portable rink surfaces. They're available in several different sizes, and the company will send a team of installers to set up the surface at your venue. You can even find these surfaces in different colors, allowing you to choose what will offer the best look at your event.

Roller Skates

When you find a party rental company that rents portable rink surfaces, you can be almost certain that it will also have an inventory of roller skates that you can rent for your guests to use. Instead of trying to get your guests to bring their own — something that would be challenging, as most people don't own roller skates — you can have a large number of skates ready for people to use. You'll get roller skates in several different sizes, ensuring that anyone who wishes to try roller skating will be able to find an appropriate-sized pair of skates.


No roller skating party is complete without lights that will make the area look and feel vibrant. Many party rental companies have different lighting options that you can rent to illuminate your portable roller rink. For example, moving floodlights can create an energetic vibe on this surface, while colored lights that flicker off the walls around the rink surface can also add to the atmosphere. You may also want to consider renting a rotating mirror ball to create a funky feel.

To learn more about adding a roller rink or other activity to your upcoming party, contact a party rental company — like Elle Event Rentals.