Acquiring custom centerpieces that relate to your wedding theme, ensuring that there is enough food for your guests, and offering the ambiance desired for the bar and dance area are some details that may come to mind when you contemplate your upcoming wedding and reception. A full service wedding planner can assist with the details that surround your wedding and the celebration afterward so that the events are perfectly executed.

A 'Once In A Lifetime' Experience

Your wedding and reception may be formal or informal, or you may have a specific theme in mind that is vastly different than the traditional ceremony and celebration. The colors and textures that are used to decorate a wedding chapel or a banquet room, plus the activities, seating arrangements, and offerings that your guests will be supplied with can help you create a specific tone that is reminiscent of the theme that you have chosen.

For a 'magical' motif that is symbolic of what you may experience in a fantasy book, a wedding planner may suggest using crystal chandeliers, delicate glassware, and a combination of light-colored hues, to provide both the wedding chapel and reception area with open and bright qualities.

For an unconventional ceremony and reception, colorful lighting, bold prints, and furniture groupings that are strategically placed inside of each space may be suggested. Your wedding planner will use their sense of style and your ideas to come up with several suggestions that you can choose to use or omit during your ceremony and celebration.

Planning That Uses Diagrams And Photos

It can be difficult to visualize how a room will actually look based upon a description of various components that will be used to dress up the space. A wedding planner may use software and photographs to help their clients determine how something will look.

With this type of planning, you can choose to keep some of the features intact and switch out others for some that are more appealing or you can make minor adjustments. This may involve using a different table setting arrangement or having your cake and buffet items displayed in another part of the room.

When you have chosen all of the details, for both your wedding and reception, your planner will begin ordering materials needed, through various vendors or suppliers, and will coordinate all facets of your plans, so that everything is set up on the same day. Contact a full service wedding planner for more information.